We are excited to launch a new family venture.  After moving on to player-pitch baseball for our son, we looked for a base layer performance shirt that would protect him from wild pitches in frequently hit areas. Many players are very intimidated, and let’s face it, fearful, of being hit by a pitch.  We could not find this type of shirt in the market specifically designed for young players.  The only items available were shirts with padding solely on the chest.  This is a great product to help players in the field, but not when it came to batting.  We’ve taken protective apparel a step further by creating shirts (shorts & sleeves) that add padding to much needed areas of the body.  As a result, Victory Sports Apparel was born! We designed and manufactured our “PLAYER” shirts by adding padding on the sides of the arms and scapula area of back.  We also created our own padded slider shorts, and padded compression sleeves.  Since we found the chest padded only shirts very useful, we designed our own version, and call them the “FIELDER” shirts    Our motto is Safety, Confidence, Performance.  As parents, we want to provide our kids with equipment and apparel to keep them as safe as possible.  As players, they need confidence to perform at their best.   We hope we’ve accomplished both of these goals with our apparel line.

Thank you for taking this journey with us!